Davey Tree Service, anyone?

earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)December 22, 2006

a few weeks back i stopped to get the number from a tree service whose truck was on the corner. the man was itchy to see my job right then and there, but i also knew my neighbor wanted to get an estimate and mentioned this to the tree guy and i was at that time, running late for an appointment. i said i would call him in the next couple of days. we exhanged numbers and i went on my way.

monday morning my phone rang, man said he wanted to come out and check out job. told him i wasn't sure what the neighbor had in mind, but knew what i wanted. he said he would wait. i (made the mistake) and mentioned the neighbor got home from work around 4:00. my phone rang at 4 ~~tree guy either a real clock watcher or seriously needing work.

in the next week or so, never saw neighbor due to weather, schedule conflicts, etc. so i made it a point to go over one morning and let him know a company was going to come out. he showed me what he needed done and we talked about maybe getting a couple of estimates. among the many things needed trim or total cut down, i have a massive dead tree in my yard. there would have been no dumping as i want the shredded bark for mulch. neighors stuff could also be shredded and he had no problem with me keeping it. tree service already knew there was no dumping. all in all this would have been a really good sized job.

i call the tree guy, appointment made. he wants to come out immediately, i said no, i have appointment and i'll be back between 3 and 3:30. on my way home from my appointment (3:10) i call, reach his partner who advised they already came out and saw the tree in the front and will cut it down tomorrow. i tell him NO leave that one alone, it's fine, it's beautiful and i don't want them to touch it. i again explain that i have a dead tree in the yard. aske that his partner call me so we can make other arrangements.

a week later, get a call from the partner who tells me he's coming out that day to cut down the tree in the front. i ask him if he and his partner commuicate, that is not the tree i want cut down, that i wanted to meet with him to show him what the job was on my property and my neighbors.

to that i get "listen you dumb -----, make up your f'n mind, do you want the f'n job done or don't you. what the f is wrong with you. i didn't wait for anything else, i just hung up.

can you imagine? i guess this guy is so wealthy he didn't need my job or that of my neighbor, who will not use them either. i thought he was itchy for work because he was so persistent but now i totally understand why he is itchy for work with an attitude that poor, who would want to give him their hard-earned dollars?

sad the way some people do business.


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Are you saying that this was Davey Tree Service you were dealing with? If so, I would be reporting these people to someone. Davey Tree is National and has local headquarters all over the country.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

They have been in business in the US since 1880. They have 5 offices in PA:

N. Philadelphia
603 Witmer Rd., Horsham, PA

N. Pittsburgh
1023 Executive Dr., Gibsonia, PA

S. Pittsburgh
207 Freedom Dr., Lawrence, PA

W. Philadelphia
569 Yerkes Rd., King of Prussia, PA

P.O. Box 475, Chester Heights, PA

Did you deal with one of these? Which one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Davey Tree Experts

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

hmmm, looks like i need to do some reporting.
i don't know what office, i saw the guy on the street. i'll have to hunt down the paperwork, if i kept it - which now i hope i did, and report him.

in any event, they would never get my business and if this guy is local to this area, i'll make sure i spread the news.

thanks for all that rhodyman, after the holidays i'll take some action.

merry christmas

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murial(z5 PA)

They've had the contract to do the highway trees in our area. Of course I was one of the holdouts who refused and they had to come back to do mine last Monday.

Any others here that moved into a property that had a lot of big trees right under the power lines and if they get topped, trimmed or removed it does major damage visually and emotionally to any of the landscaping you've already done?

Sorry you didn't have the guy we had. After going through this for 20 years, this group was the only one who actually worked with me.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

maryanne that's an amazing story. I'm glad you didn't have to deal with talking to the nut face to face.... I picture him standing there with a running chainsaw as he gives you your "estimate".... and everytime you try to say something he revs the chainsaw a few times!

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I live near a bunch of loggers, and the trees that they cut down are smarter than THEY are. I've never used Davey Tree svc. You might want to try Angieslist.com to check out reputable contractors in the area. You should be careful, many of these places (and landscape places) hire unsavory characters to work for them. I'm not saying all tree companies are bad, but sometimes they have other bad people working for them.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

oh kato, what a sight. i visualized that - OUCH!!!!!

with all the christmas hoopla, not sure where i left that paper with his name on it and it no longer shows up on my caller id. maybe it's in my car, i'm not sure. i'm almost going to hope he's in the area again soon, so we can get his number again. if not, i just know i would never consider them as a contractor, even if it was for free.

lol mersie! the trees are smarter.

i just learned that my good friend's BIL is in the business, so he's going to come and do the work when he has some free time. i'll trust him to do the job and do it right and no cursing me.

hope you all had a great holiday.

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pequafrog(z7a/Long Island)

Maryanne, take pictures of that tree right away. I would then call your local Consumer Affairs and somehow, put in writing that you DO NOT want that tree taken down. How unprofessional!


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

andy, i don't think any company can come onto my property and arbitrarily cut down a tree that they decide to cut. even when the electric company wants to cut trees or limbs that might interfer with the lines, they send letters first letting you know they are making inspections and then advise you if they have to address the property-owners tree(s).

this guy was just a total azz with no business sense, couth, decency or respect. i'm sure he'll be bankrupt or in the unemployment line soon.

thanks for the suggestion.


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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I'd be very nervous about using a company that couldn't keep straight which tree needed to come down. And he swore at you on the phone?? Bizarre.

We use Brooks Barber for our tree work.

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