Beerhog or kaye?

jspeachyn5October 14, 2008

Kaye you had mentioned that you store your EE's 2 feet underground. Is this right?

I was wanting to put mine to bed the weekend. Was wanting to try your method of underground this year.

I normally just heavy mulch.

So if you would not mind could I have some really clear steps to doing this?

Are they just 2' deep? Mulch? In something or just bare in the soil. Do you pre treat or clean?

Thanks for any help.

I'm going to move mine to there new bed this weekend.

They will have more all around sun and plenty of room for growth.

The past years they only had sun one one side and the brick wall was to their backs. So not as much room to spread. they have alway been fair size. But this year they were quite large. Hoping for a far happier plant next year.

Once again thank you.


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I have done it by a couple of methods. First year I just dug a hole deep enough to cover the large tree pots about 6 inches. I dug the EE and shook the dirt off and put as many in the pots as I could and then buried them. I have also put the EE in pots but dug a hole about a foot deep and put straw bales around the hole. I put the pots of EE in the hole and covered with leaves to the top of the straw bales. In the spring just dig the pots out and replant. Do not put dirt in the pots just the bulbs.
Hope this clears it up a bit.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That is a good idea if I could dig a hole that deep in my rocks. The hay bales around a foot deep hole and leaves in the center might be something I will do - kind of like lasagna gardening. It could be a place to winter plants then a new planting spot next summer.

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kaye(7a AR)

My husband has been digging a large, deep hole (when we take out the banana trees) and dropping a large tree container with good drainage down in it. Then he throws all the ee in, topping them with dirt. They are buried an average of 2' underground. Beerhog's methods work well for him, too. If I didn't have a spot to dig 2' down, I'd go with his idea. Main thing is to keep them from depth will depend on frostline.

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