Monarch cats, now?

NancyPlants(5bNEKs)October 27, 2011

While I was cleaning up a bit in the garden tuesday I noticed 3 monarch on parsley and 2 on carrots.

We have already had several nights in the upper 20's. I've never noticed them this late in the year.

Will they be ok?

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hmmm, this is odd...the msg doesnt appear in the forum, only if I hit the 'back' arrow.
Can anyone else see this post?

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well, I have discovered that the cats are more than likely Black Swallowtails, NOT Monarch cats.
I feel silly but glad to know they will survive the upcoming cold.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this lovely fall weather. I love to read about each of your garden stories and miss when you dont post.

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I agree, I think they were Black Swallowtails since they were on parsley and carrots. I haven't checked my plants lately for cats. I assumed it was too late in the year and I'm surprised you're still finding them. If they were Monarchs, they would be flying south to winter over, but Black Swallowtails can winter over in chrysalis form. Hope they get a chance to finish eating before it gets too cold.

This forum has been slow lately and I miss it too. We all need to get out and take some fall photos to post! I've seen some pretty trees.

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I hope they make it to chrysalis form too Christie.
The one on the parsley had very little food available. Also, the parsley is in the same pot as the huge rosemary that we'll be bringing in before it gets much colder. I wonder what a chrysalis would do indoors ? hmmm

The ones on the carrots were larger so hopefully they will make it.

I hate to say that I've not been a very good cat host until this year. A couple years ago DH actually went around and picked off the cats and squished them. He was trying to protect my veggies. Now I feel bad about it.

I'd love to see pictures of your area this time of year :)

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You can let them finish eating inside. You just need to put them back out somewhere where it's cold after they make their chrysalis or they'll hatch out at the wrong time. You don't want to release a swallowtail in January when there's snow on the ground. lol

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oh gosh, that gave me a little laugh :)
If he's still on the herb pot I'll move him over to the raised beds where theres lots of carrot tops to eat. That way I wont have to worry and wonder if he's hidden in the dense rosemary somewhere.

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