Anyone growing Caryota Maxima?

jimhardyFebruary 29, 2012

I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations.

Also,what kind of growth and under what conditions...


Mine is finally growing a new leaf-(-:

it did take a while to find this one.


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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

i am growing mine from seed and so far it just has the coleoptile. they are very fast seedlings. where did you get yours?

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I got mine off e-bay.

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They are one of my favorite palms! I have always wanted one, but I haven't found one at a nice size yet, but if they are fast growers I would be willing to try them out as small seedlings. Looking forward to seeing how yours grows!

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They are a little slow(if your expecting growth speed)at first
but my understanding is that,when they get around 3'
they start speeding up-it took about 5-6 months to put out
the new spear you see in the pic.

The next one is already 5" long and will be huge....being outside
doesn't hurt either...

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I took a photo of one yesterday. Don't think it's "available", but might be a bit problematical to move anyway, LOL.

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Easy to cover though,just use the trunk for support(-:

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