Passiflora pinnatistipula 'Alba'

passifreakMay 25, 2010


is there somebody who knows something about P. pinnatistipula 'Alba'?

I mean where you can get some seeds from it, because you can't grow this Passionflower from cuttings only from seeds!


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Hi passifreak,

I have a friend who is REALLY looking for this plant, so if you find a source please contact me. I've heard it's only found in Europe, and actually he is/was on a trip there and it is one of the things he was hoping to find--perhaps he was successful--I need to ask.

Why is it only possible to grow from seed? I was told recently that "normal" P. pinnatistipula could be rooted from cuttings.

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Could you contact me privately--I don't see your email on Gardenweb.


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Hi mark4321,

I think you send me the E-Mail? If yes I write you an E-Mail!

I really don't know the reason, but I want to know it, too.
Yes the normal pinnatistipula roots well from cuttings. But the 'Alba' not. The cuttings create some Callus, and after that they died.

That's why I ask for seeds.


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Here is a nice picture of it in the wild. Often white forms are a little weaker but nevertheless it should grow from cuttings but all Tacsonia can be alittle tricky. I am not sute if seed would all be white or whether most would revert to the usual colour

Here is a link that might be useful: P. pinnatistipula alba

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At a trip to Bolivia I have seen the plant around the city Copacabana at the Titicaca lake. Seed was given to two nurseries in Germany. It is true that propagation by cuttings is difficult. For this reason the nurseries don't offer at moment the white varity.

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I've been looking for this one for ages.

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