Passiflora plant to Greece

evitoMay 31, 2009


Is it possible to recommend me sites where they sale plants internationally?I am from Greece in Europe.



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Xairetismata evito!Psaxnis kati sigkekrimeno?

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Kalhspera!!!Apisteyto ellhnida!
I am searching for a site where i can buy passiflora plants not seeds.I found one in Germany.I have some problems with the language.I have ordered four.Hope to solve communication problems and receive the plants.As you are Greek you know where i can found passiflora in Greece?I am searching for specific like anastasia, lady magret, panda and temptation.Can you help me?se eyxaristw

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Well ive seen anastasia and lady margaret in a local nursery but i didnt buy any of them even though i really liked the blooms.Eimai thessaloniki ara den mporo na valo ston kipo aytes tis pikilies , pou einai kapos pio tropikes....
alla gia xeno site den mporo na se boithiso...sorry

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evito, email me at :)

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