P. perfoliata

karyn1(7a)May 26, 2010

My perfoliata finally has buds. Does this variety produce fruit and/or pollen and can I use pollen from another decaloba to fertilize it? I'm hoping that my biflora or Sunburst will bloom at the same time. I'm not sure what other decalobas I have. Can another variety be used for pollination? I know next to nothing about crossing passies and usually just wing it using whatever happens to be blooming at the same time.

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pshawn(9B, California)

I don't know much about crossing decaloba, and would be interested to hear the thoughts of the more knowledgeable members of the forum. In the meantime, here's a link with some general hybridizing info:



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Thanks. I've looked thru Myles's site and know how to pollinate the flowers. I just don't know who can pollinate who. After all these years growing passifloras you'd think that I'd have done more reading but it just gets to be too much with all the sterile and partially sterile varieties and the different numbers of chromosomes. Makes my brain want to explode! lol

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Hi karyn,

I think you can try it with P. murucuja and P. tulae!
P. 'Flying V' is a cross between P. penduliflora and P. perfoliata, P. penduliflora x P. perfoliata.

But yeah you could try it with P. biflora and P. 'Sunburst'.


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pshawn(9B, California)

I've also struggled with the chromosome number thing. Is there a comprehensive resource anywhere for chromosome number of the different species? I've only seen one and it was far from comprehensive (e.g. didn't have a lot of the decalobas I was interested in)

Also, for a specific decaloba question, anyone know if the Australian species (aurantia, herbertiana, etc.) can cross-pollinate outside of their own grouping (e.g. with perfoliata, biflora, etc.)?

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Thanks for those suggestions Artur. It's too bad that my murucuja looks like it's not going to make it. I might just have to buy another as it's one of my favorites.

Shawn if my aurantia is in bloom at the same time I'll try it. It was in bloom for most of Feb-Apr but I don't know if more buds are forming or not.

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Aurantia does have more buds that are about the same size as the perfoliata so I should be able to try it.

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pshawn(9B, California)

Great! Can't wait to hear if it works!

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I don't expect the Australians to cross except amongst themselves. Like the Decaloba/Xerogona will only cross between themselves.

If you have P. Flying V that would be a nice backcross to do. Also try colinvauxii if you can -biflora will work too but has been done before. P. 'Fledermous' is (P. biflora. Ã P. perfoliata) by PATRICK J. WORLEY.
Few Decaloba crosses have been done simply because they are small flowers. Always search the hybrid lists to see what has been done.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hybrid lists

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I had Flying V but lost it about a year ago. I'm not looking to create new varieties though that would be interesting. I just want to see if I can get fruit with viable seed. Half the time I don't even keep track of the pollen parent.

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