Spiranthes vs. mowers

bigred(z8 Ark.)October 23, 2005

Well, the ding darn mowers beat me to it again! Two years Ive been trying to rescue a big sweep of spiranthes(cernua,I think)aka Ladies Tresses orchid....so,I went up to the courthouse Friday to ask the county judge's permisson to rope the area off next year so they won't mow them down before I can get them moved and she said "YES!" YAH!!!


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Good for you! We've seen a lot of wild flowers lost to the mowers since we've been here. Those sound very special. There are byzantine gladiolas growing wild here. When we first came here I 'rescued' some of them from along the road bank. Recently, I saw on the internet that they are available as an 'hierloom' priced for $10, but not interested in buying or selling. Most people don't know or care what they are. They are the only ones I have ever seen. EP

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Have never seen this flower. Hope you can rescue them. EP

Here is a link that might be useful: spiranthes

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Spiranthes cernua var. cernua is the most widespread species in Ark. (vouchered in 39+ counties). Don't know your county, PP, but in your area, Howard Co. has S. cernua, plus 2 other species, Hempstead has 4 additional species. Little River, Sevier & Pike, only S. cernua. Nevada has only S. vernalis. Whatever the species, they are terrestrial Orchids and deserve a chance to propagate and expand. I applaud your efforts and hope you can find an alternate suitable undisturbed location. I'm afraid that the mower operators are the same all over the nation, they see only grass and weeds to be cut unless they have been given instructions not to mow a given area. I sometimes wonder how the wildflowers sown along some of the interstates manage to escape the blade.
Good luck and native plant enthusiasts everywhere thanks you!

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

EP,thanks for the link. I bookmarked it.

Depending on who you ask,I'm either in Little River County or Franklin County. I live out on Millwood Lake.
Didn't get a chance to look at them real close before mowers got them because they bloom summer-late summer and I won't wade off into a ditch full of grass in snake weather. Next year I'll wear my firefighter boots.I'm placing my money on s.cernua.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That is an interesting looking wildflower aptly named. Are your garden club members interested in wild flowers? It might be a good project to spot and protect interesting flowers.

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