sale plants and cool weather

helenh(z6 SW MO)October 2, 2012

It is still dry here and I am missing the forecast rains, but some sale plants have tempted me. The weatherman is saying 40's for night temps this week. Things are looking better in a wild way if you can ignore the weeds. I have morning glories tangled around weeds that are pretty and the wild ageratum is blooming. I am not ready for it to frost yet. Carthage Lowe's had healthy blooming small sized blue balloon flower plants for a dollar each. I also got a lavendar plant for one dollar but it had some dead branches. At Lowes in Neosho I got heuchera which I don't need since they are so easily propagated. The Palace Purple was a dollar and the Obsidian was 3.50. I wish I had just purchased the (three) Obsidian because the color is red and pretty. After I removed the dead leaves the plants are fine nothing wrong with them. I got a dwarf crepe myrtle Cherry Dazzle or something like that. Pretty soon the crepe myrtles will lose their leaves so I am scouting them out now and will check back later. I don't need any plants but it is fun looking for bargains and I don't spend that much. Half price is too much this time of year but that is what they do until the Christmas tree pressure to clear out. If I pay $1 for a living plant the fun part is worth it. I could go to the new casino but I'd rather get something for my money.

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The weatherman changed his mind. It says 34 for a low here Saturday night. We may get some frost. My flowers are actually looking pretty good right now compared to summer so I was hoping for late frost this year. I want to enjoy them for awhile. I'm still seeing some butterflies and hummingbirds.

I haven't been anywhere lately to shop for clearance plants. I did get some pots half-price at Dollar General this week that are plastic and sort of have a fake wicker look to them. They were cheap. Wish Lowe's would mark their pots down. I'd like to get some of those hard foam ones. I think they insulate the plant's roots better than plastic and clay pots are sooo heavy. I have several plants on my patio that need to be potted up into larger containers. I need to find a good deal on potting soil now.

Our hot water heater quit yesterday which puts a kink in my plans for today. : ( I've been sitting here making myself a rather long to-do list because I have to many things to keep in my head.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Getting good potting soil cheap would be wonderful, but I have never see that. Lowes has half whiskey barrels for about $30 which is not a sale price and they take loads of potting soil. You can make little gardens in them though. You have to check different Lowes often to catch things on sale. I have found that Lowes managers must have leeway to set their sale prices. I bought several stakes and lightweight metal trellises at Neosho on sale very cheap. I checked at Joplin and Carthage and they didn't have them marked down one bit.

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I always check the broken bags of soil, they put them in recovery bags at Lowe's and sell them for half price. I need more topsoil right now, when I plant anything I have to dig out rock so I always need topsoil to fill the holes.

Not buying any more plants this fall, even on sale. I'm done for this year, lol! I still have a couple of sedums to plant and a lot of baby hostas to pot up in bigger pots for the winter.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The farm store had 2.2 cubic foot bags of peat moss for $2.99. I am going to mix it in my pile of clay topsoil that I bought a while back. I made my own potting soil before and peat was an ingredient, but I'm too lazy to mess with that again. Lowes had 6 packs of pinks for 25 cents and I got some. I don't need them but it was fun picking them out.

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