ugh. help?

rialiraMay 25, 2008

so, every passiflora I got from logee's last september except for two has DIED. it sure wasn't my care of them - every passiflora I've bought from anywhere else has been vigorous and healthy, but the ones I've bought from logee's never grew, AT ALL. not even in the spring when all the dormant plants woke up, no. just sat there with different parts of them slowly dying off. or they'd just SPONTANEOUSLY die, in the case of my macrocarpa. one of them wasn't even rooted properly in its little 2 inch pot and died within a couple weeks.

anyway now that that rant's out of the way, my problem now is with an edulis, the last surviving one that I would have really liked to have saved. the best way of describing it is just a stem with an offshoot. the offshoot slowly died, and then inexplicably, the main stem where the offshoot joined started dying too. from the MIDDLE of the plant outward. the remaining leaves (all TWO of them) are completely wilted with brown patches and the entire stem is dying. what the hell happened to it? I've never seen this. I babied that stupid thing all winter long! I'm almost GLAD to see it finally die.

so, what should I do with the damn thing? the middle of the stem is all brown and shriveled, but the upper stem is still green, if a little wilted. I almost think I should give it some emergency surgery and try to root the green part. even if I do that though, I'll fail; I've never been able to root a damn passiflora, especially not one on its way out already.

so what should I do? I don't see how I can save this thing. probably can't get another, either. I spent a WHOLE lot on a whole bunch of passionflowers at logee's, and I'm sure they'd just laugh at me if I told them about all my lack of success with them. it's just irritating because I've never had a problem with plants from ANYWHERE else, including much more tender tropicals.



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Call the nursery and make arrangements to have the plant replaced. If they give you any grief about returning the sick plants, write them a letter, detailing everything, and forward a copy to your state Attorney General's office.

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they already told me they wouldn't replace the plant that died within two weeks even though they have a 30 day policy. they told me I should have called right away. like I've got the time to do that. heh.

why would the attorney general even care?


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