Mid October plants pictures

helenh(z6 SW MO)October 12, 2008

I am proud of my late lettuce. I usually fail at fall vegetable gardening. Coleus is still going and has only required water. No bug or leaf spots problems at all. This is my favorite petunia Vista supertunia bubblegum pink. I have lots of red salvia; this pink reseeded from last year and is new for me. Late annuals. The celosia reseeded from last year in a path. It has been a bright spot for a long time. I really like this grass but forgot the name. Click to enlarge:

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caroline_2008(Z 6)

Helen your lettuce looks really yummy, I have never planted
fall vegies. Your floweres are sure pretty also. My
petunias are all gone, I didn't have many just a couple
in urns. My sp vines and cosmos going strong.
Happy gardening, caroline

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bunny6(7 AR)

Helen we can't get Vista supertunia around here. I read that they have good survival rates. Your's is very pretty. I am going to look on line for seeds. I also like the flower that is 3rd from the bottom. It is pink with yellow center. Your flowers are beautiful. I always look forward for everyones pictures.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Ann, the third one from the bottom is a late cosmos. I forgot one - brugmansia. This plant always blooms so late that frost threatens it almost every year. It is wilted in this picture; I haven't been watering it. Someone on garden web suggested the hard times make them go ahead and flower early. This isn't really early. I will water the poor thing now that it is blooming. Click to enlarge.

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

Hi Helen. What great pics. Looks like you have a heck of a green thumb! So do you have your brugmansia in a pot or is it in the ground? If it's in the ground how do you winter it over? I use to have frosty pink one in Zone 7 and just loved it. Would die down in the winter and then come back just great. If they winter over here in this zone in the ground I think I'll be getting some new additions to next year's garden.....


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bunny6(7 AR)

Helen-I love your cosmos. I plan to buy some seeds for spring. Burpee has a Sonata Mix that I like. I read that they like poor soil, do you think they will grow okay in my fertile soil? Also, did you plant your's from seeds and if you did, when did you sow them? Thanks for any info:)

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I watered the brugmansia. I had one flower early and now these just starting. Oct. 11 is too late to start blooming. Every year frost gets the flowers just after they start to bloom. It is in the ground and too big to bring inside; sometimes I mulch it. Bunny I just threw those seeds on the ground last summer. They were seeds I saved from another year. I don't think you will have any trouble growing cosmos. Night plants click to enlarge.

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helen, you have some gorgeous blooms.

Have you noticed that the cosmos is getting larger and deeper colorered blooms with the cooler weather? It may be my imagination, but I think mine are.

Your brugmansia is like my Pineapple Sage; it is just now blooming so soon it will be frosted on. I wonder why they sell those kind of plants here without a warning on them!
It is very beautiful though. Does it have fragrance?

I envy you your Birch tree. I finally had to cut mine down after the ice storm damage. I kept my pot of coleus under it too.

There is a sassafras seedling growing right beside it that I am leaving; hope that isn't a mistake.

I think DH wants another birch.

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Beautiful Helen! I'm going to miss all the flower photos when the weather turns cold.

I love the area under your birch tree with the coleus. It's so lush that it's hard to tell what's in a container and what isn't.

I found a couple of pink salvias blooming last week that reseeded from Coral Nymph. They bloomed a lot later than my red ones so I was surprised to see them. All of these are volunteers from Lady in Red. They came up pretty close together.

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Christie, all my reddish salvias are self-seeded from last year! Yours are beautiful. I like having something just hitting stride in mid summer or late summer when others are shutting down. My vinca were the same, all self-seeded and blooming late.

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bunny6(7 AR)

Thaks Helen-The package of Cosmos had 25 seeds, so some should come up. I use to plant from seeds in the past, but got tired of waiting for them to bloom. I have no way to grow them inside, but now I have a cold frame, so I should be able to start seeds a little earlier next year. I saw some brugmansia on a website when I was searching for cannas and the rare ones are very expensive:)

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christie, your salvia is thicker than mine. It comes up late and blooms in fall with very little care. I am going to try to get my few plants of pink started in another spot. I think red show up better, but pink and the wild ageratum that also blooms now might be something to try. My birch tree bent to the ground twice in ice storms. It isn't over the house and I am glad because I feel it has been weakened. Glenda, I am surpised yours didn't sprout up from the roots then you would have a clump. Bunny, I think you need plants quick in the spring for mental health after winter. Then you can just scratch up the soil and plant annuals here and there during the summer. My cosmos seeds were in a drawer; I was looking for something, saw them, and took them to my vegetable weed patch and scratched them in. I didn't take care of them, but it rained enough for them to grow. My red zinnias blooming now were a similar story. They really do grow fast. Marigolds are another to scratch in if you have a sunny spot.

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