Let a few palms loose.

jimhardyFebruary 7, 2013

Uncovered a few of the palms for some reason......
I guess I just missed them...

T.Martianus looking good -this one put out a leaf in late fall...it is on the thermocube circuit with the T.Ferns,if you can call them that now...

One of the little replacement C.Cooperi,these had their
leaves burned off again but surprisingly this one has grown a new leaf over the winter under cover..

Best the Sequoia has ever looked coming out of winter,should be a monster if the rains return this summer.

Princeps is still minty fresh!

S.McCurtain(aka little Larrick)is hanging tough,it has
been covered but has had no heat at all...-4F lowest temp so far.

Don't want to speculate as to whether the Graptopetalum paraguayense are going to make it but
they look amazingly good for only having a clear cover over them...no heat!

S.Brazoria,some S.Louisiana and Needles.

Some cactus

Thanks for looking!

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Wow! You've got to be happy with your results so far this winter. But don't you have a couple of months to go?

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Spring is a little over a month away-Sabals and Needles are tough palms.

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Hi Jim:

I'm a newbie here. I was wondering if an enthusiast like you who has a lot of experience zone pushing, has any opinion on the product FreezePruf or anything similar.

Look forward to any offered experiences or insights.
Kokomo JB

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Did not have any luck with it-

I did try an experiment with it -spraying it on half a Castor bean plant
but I forgot and left it outside in the (23F) cold to long-whoops!

It may work better on these kind of plants than palms but I think you can get the same effect(or better)planting them under the canopy of a tree.

There is so much difference in cold hardiness from Trachy to Trachy
(even in the same seed batch)that it would be hard to confirm your results.

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Looks like everything is coming through great. You should see some good growth this summer. Where did your new T fern come from?

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have you ever put any heat on the cacti bed jim or just keeping it dry was enough? after those pics I really want a princeo, did you get that one from ebay? it looks like the true form.

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I do heat the cactus enclosure(usually when it get in the low teens)and
because I planted the Trichocereus Terscheckii I have really spoiled
them this year-I got a deal on the cactus($42 delivered) but not on the heating ) :


I got the T.ferns from Jim at The fern factory,you can find his web address
in the link under "sources for tree ferns"....

Here is a link that might be useful: Cold Hardy Tree ferns

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thanks Jim I might be able tow get away without heat next winter if I just plant some stuff that a bit more hardy.

Tree ferns are hard to come by in the US. I am working on getting a nice trunked dicksonia sent to me right now. hope it goes through.

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