helenh(z6 SW MO)October 20, 2013

Lowes is clearing out for Christmas trees. Things are going fast. There are plants on sale unadvertised and you have to ask. Six packs of violas 50 cents, flowering quince 75 per cent off and I asked about a small hellebore and got it for $6.

Ozark Nursery has top soil and mulch as usual. There are some new concrete items. I am tempted by a compact winterberry ilex something with brilliant red berries except my sun is not near the house. Margaret Roach who lives in the east and has a long winter keeps talking about winter plants where you can see them from the window inside. This plant is very hardy so could probably go in a pot for a while.

I picked all my biggest green tomatoes Friday evening after the weather on TV some of them in the dark. I read the other day 40 degrees damages green tomatoes. I am about sick of tomatoes everywhere; I give them to senior citizens and like doing it. I think if I planted fewer tomatoes I might take better care of my ornamentals.

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Ozark Nursery has 25% off trees and shrubs this week. More sales coming.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I really do like that winterberry.

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This sounds like fun! At Ozark Nursery.

Well our very creative minds have collectively come up with a stellar idea! Saturday, November 2, we will be having a chili cook-off between our Ozark Nursery employees. We invite you, our valued customers to come by and join us for lunch and chili tasting AND judging!!! Each customer will get a vote! Doesn't that sound like fun? We will have special promotions and sales all day long, so come on in and taste our chili, vote and save some bucks on your fall plantings!! See you Nov. 2!!

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Helen, it seems our Lowes never has these specials y ou talk about....maybe I just don't stop by often enough. I need another plastic shelf to store squash on.....will check again.

Darn, I wish I had made the effort to stop by the nursery when we took a drive down to Joplin recently....maybe I can talk DH into the November 2 thing.

Helen, don't you have to have a male and female plant for the ilex to fruit?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Glenda I have some ilex small plants that I got in a bundle from MO Conservation. They arrived as little twigs. I am hoping to already have a male. Some of them are about two feet tall now. I probably need to move them before they get bigger. I planted them all together because they were very small when they came and the weather was unfavorable.

I listened to a podcast and went nuts and ordered American persimmons from Stark Nursery mail order and Naking Cherry from Henry Fields. I am sure those plants will come as tiny little twigs that I will have to baby. I don't know if I will get the Ilex or not now. I would also like a mulberry tree.

That podcast is of a guest speaker on a survival site. I didn't hear anything political and I am only interested in what Lee Reich has to say.

Here is a link that might be useful: easier fruit podcast

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Persimmons should start appearing soon in some of the larger grocery stores if they haven't already. Mama Jeans didn't have them yet when I checked a week or two ago but they've had them in the fall in past years. I've had some that were as sweet as the heavy syrup they pack canned peaches in and very tasty but don't remember what kind they were. I'm craving them now just thinking about it and need to stop and check for some this week. I have a couple little native persimmon trees I got from MDC, not nearly big enough to produce fruit. Really really want to try named varieties or an Asian type if I could find one that would do well in the Ozarks.

I still want to get an Illinois Everbearing mulberry. Let me know if you see one of those marked down. I'm pretty certain that my Oscar mulberry doesn't like our climate here and may eventually kick the bucket if we have a cold winter. When it does have mulberries they're wonderful, so much better than the wild ones I've eaten.

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FINALLY got up to Lowe's in Joplin and bought the Helleborus. Not marked but were 25% off. Small but that's ok. Small plant...small hole is my mantra. haha

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am glad you got a hellebore. The postage kills me when I do mail order. I don't mind paying for a plant that I really want but the postage seems like wasted money. Christie I ordered the Illinois mulberry from Stark's last fall then I got confusing letters or e- mails. They were out of stock and then another said they would send it. It never came.

Do you guys talk to the garden manager at Lowes? Sometimes they don't have a sign that things are marked down and contractors are getting them cheaper.

Neosho had everything marked down 75% signs everywhere and for everyone, but Joplin was still trying to get a good price for their pansies and mums. I don't want anything at Joplin except they still had some heucheras and small hellebores. I have heucheras already and could make more if I wasn't lazy because you can divide them easily.

I will not admit to how greedy I was at the Neosho store. I wish they had more shrubs and woody plants that I wanted. Mostly I got violas 25 cents a six pack and they weren't ratty either. I don't even like pinks. They were 10 cents for a I think quart or maybe a little smaller container. I will admit I got 22 for $2.20. I want the pots for growing tomatoes and I will plant them were I pulled up tomatoes. For $2.20 I will have fun with them but may go to h%$ for greed.

I got another black crepe myrtle with red flowers for about $5. The smaller size which would have been cheaper were all the ones with white flowers.

You do know they sell plants cheaper to the contractors and if you beg and are there at the right time, you can get them really really cheap. Trouble is there is not that much left that I want.

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Pansies are 45% off at Ozark Nursery. Not ratty leftovers either, big and beautiful.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks Sandy I got four 6 packs of panolas and a small hellebore for about $10. Now I wish I had purchased the double hellebore too. Things that I can just slip in the ground are easy. It is the trees I got from Stark's that will run me crazy. I need to plant them in a safe place because they are small. If they live for years I don't want them by the old barn or the fence row in case there needs to be maintenance on those things in the future. I am not planting anything near my giant reed grass which I think is beautiful and maybe a beautiful mistake.

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