Overwintering Hostas in pots

sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)October 9, 2010

I did a GW search on this subject, and they all seemed to be in different growing zones. I have young hostas in 3 large pots. Every year I overwinter my reblooming potted daylillies in a sunny spot and have no trouble. I don't mulch them.

What are the chances of keeping this hosta over winter outside? What have you done to keep yours alive? Mulch them? Totally cover with shredded leaf mulch or what? What side of house to put the pots - part sun? shade? How do they get enough water to stay alive? No room for them in the GH.

I'd like to try it this year because I don't have any room for them in beds until I take some too-shady iris out of a former sunny bed--

Thanks for your help!


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i have found that hostas are pretty forgiving. I think you can kill them with love before the cold will kill them.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have an August Moon that has been in a 24 inch plastic pot for several years; it does better than the ones in the ground. I have had a June in a smaller foam pot for a couple of winters. I did not mulch either. I think I read the risk is too much water standing in the pot. Mine were out in the weather so they got rain. If you put them in a garage or out building you would have to remember to water.

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I have overwintered them just by putting the pots close to my garden shed where they would be protected, and covering them with a good thick mulch of leaves. They've all come thru fine.

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I overwinter about 100 hosta in pots. I wait until the pot is frozen solid, then lay it on it's side on the north side of a building. Forget about them until April 1. I stack them several high. You can put some rat poison behind them if needed to control voles.

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