2 day germination!

tracydr(9b)May 20, 2010

I bought some dark purple passionfruit from the store about a month ago and have kept it refrigerated. I finally got around to sticking it in some potting soil two days ago. Per someone's recommendation on GW, I cut the fruit in half and put the whole fruit in the ground. I guess the fruit provides enzymes to speed germination.

Went out this morning to water and to my surprise it has little sprouts! I guess it likes the hot weather we had the last couple of days.

Time to try germinating some pepper varieties outside without a heat mat, I think.

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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)


I also germinated P. edulis from grocery store seeds - although I just planted them in soil --- germination was only a week though. next time I'll try / experiment with starting seeds that way. interesting concept.

How many seedlings did you get this way?

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