palm or cycad id??

beth7happyFebruary 13, 2011

With the cold winter here in Central Florida, we're looking at palms that still look okay. Here's a picture of one found this morning. Can anyone give us an ID on this one?


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Maybe Encephalartos hildebrandii. Definitely a cycad--not a palm. They show pretty cold cold tolerance.

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That's a trunking Dioon - perhaps Dioon spinulosum


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If the leaflets have spines on the side, then I definitely agree with it being a Dioon Spinulosum which is a cycad. It seems to begin browning around 30F and will likely die below 25F.
The one in your pic is pretty old, but they are pretty fast growing for a cycad.
Good luck!

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Definitely dioon sprinulosom i have about 10 of them in my garage.

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Thanks so much for your responses. My daughter has tried several palms for her front yard. The last two winters here in Brevard County have been so hard and she's still searching for The Perfect Palm!!

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