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jblaschke(8b TX)May 30, 2006

Took the camera into my front yard this Memorial Day weekend and got some passiflora-related shots. This little fellow here, along with several dozen of his closest friends, is the reason I don't worry about my Incense taking over the world:

This is a cool shot I got of a caterpillar just beginning the transformation into a pupa:

An hour later, it looked a lot like this one:

And starting the process all over again, a mama Gulf Fritilary (actually, three or four mama Gulf Fritilaries) spent the afternoon laying new eggs on the few leaves that hadn't already been devoured.

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Thanks for Sharing... Question Though... Does your Incense Fruit?

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jblaschke(8b TX)

My Incense has never fruited, but that's mostly because I haven't had anything to try and cross it with. I've got three different incarnatas as well as a caerulea growing this year, and expect them to start flowering before the end of summer. Both of those are reputed to cross with Incense (incarnata being a parent, after all) so we shall see.

My Lady Margaret, which I feared was near death a few weeks ago, had recovered and is putting on vigorous new growth. If she starts flowing again anytime soon, I'll try a cross that way, too (although, being a hybrid like Incense, the pollen is likely to be sterile).

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