Best method for growing PF up porch pillars

tenrocMay 4, 2008

I have a couple volunteer vines growing near the pillars on my porch. What is the best (and easiest, hopefully - I am pregnant and due this Friday!) method for allowing the vines to grow up the pillars? They are doing very well this year and I want to get them situated before the baby is born, as well as in anticipation of guests. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Here's what I'd do. Ok... It's what I do.. And I'm in a wheelchair. (If I can, you can)

Get some of that "bird netting" at your favorite Big Box store. The stuff they use to cover fruit trees & beds & such? Ya that. You don't need much- 7' X 10' or 20' is Plenty.

You'll need a helper who can climb a ladder or stand on a bucket or whatever, a "putting up some posters" type staple-gun with 1/2" staples & an "I'm not a terrorist" box-cutter or reasonable facsimile.

Unroll a bit of the netting & have your helper staple a corner of it as high as they can reach on the pillar. Then once in the middle & once on the bottom.
Then unroll the netting around the pillar till it overlaps- Not so it's stretched tight but not hanging all over the place loose either. Staple it again top middle & bottom.

Take that box-cutter & cut the roll loose (I s'pose you could use scissors, but I can always find a knife first so that's what I use.. ^_^) without slicing what's already attached to the pillar.
Then put in a few more staples on the top of the pillar to hold the weight of the plant & done.

First one might take 10 minutes while you two figure it out & get the forgotten things (I always go out with 3 staples in the stapler & have to stop & go find s'more) but after that if each successive pillar takes more than 5 minutes I'd really be surprised.

Keep the rest of the netting- That stuff is *Awesome* as a quick & dirty trellis. Tack it to the wall, stick a climber below it (morning glories?) & they'll climb all over it.
It's black so it's very hard to see even when the vine(s) haven't covered it.. And to take it down later all it takes is a good strong yank.
Sure you can pry the staples out if you want, but they're not all that easy to see anyway.


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I use nylon fishing line but it has to be secured to the post as well. I grow passies and morning glories against a wooden fence and use the smallest C-hooks (I think that's what they are called) that screw in. I run the fishing line through them. The line is invisible and the hooks are small so once the vines grow you can't see them.

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