new to peonies

ferncreek(z6b / 7a PA)January 30, 2006

I checked for peony FAQs & didn't find any, so here goes. I'd like to purchase & plant several herbaceous peonies. When, where (to plant, not purchase) & how?


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try for your FAQs

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sedum37(Z5 MA)

maifleur thanks for the link! I am thinking of trying again with peonies. I planted two peonies about 10 years ago and they were the heavy double flowered kind that needed staking and looked awful after it rained. I ended up pulling them up and giving them away (free at the end of my driveway). So from reading the above web site, I guess they have newer varieties that don't require staking?

Can anyone recommend a variety that doesn't require staking?


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Check out the vendor listing on the above site listing several like Hollingsworth and Adelman's several of the sites either list in the discription that the plant does not need staking or the key words used now days is "landscape peony".

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