Canary Palm - fronds drying - help please

sisidi7February 8, 2012

We have two Canary Island mature palms that were transplanted about 6 months ago. The palms are 8-10 ft tall clear trunk; with fronds they are about 16ft tall.

One of the trees looks great and healthy but the fronds of the other are starting to dry up and droop. The current watering schedule is set to two times per week in the amount of 24 gallons at mid day; the 24 gallons is dispensed in a two hour period.

As of yesterday we have reduced the watering to one time per week with the same amount of water. Any and all advice is sought after. Thank you in advance for your help.

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My brother lives in phoenix and he was having the same problem. with a large phoenix we just put in his yard. some die back of the fronds is normal. I would be watering it heavy every day his irrigation stays on all night every day and the palms nices and green. Until the palm establishes itself it will dry up fast and the more leaves it has in the crown the faster it will dry out.

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I was not going to respond to your posting because I grow my Canary Palms under such different circcumstances--in large tubs, in a much wetter and cooler climate. But I do agree with the above posting by Mike. It sounds like they are not getting enough water. Once they become more established, they'll become more drough tolerant. This species has some drought tolerance but probably not as much as the "True Date" (Phoenix dactyfilera)--which is why I prefer it in my WET climate. Good luck!

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