Tree Peonies in north Florida

hdgrdnrJanuary 30, 2009

Has anyone had any success or know of anyone having success growing tree peonies in zone 8B, north Florida around Ocala, Gainesville? How much chilling is required? What effect does the hot humid climate have on successful culture and can those conditions be overcome or blunted. I've been told the lutea hybrids are the best best, as they are grown successfuly in south China with 340 frost free days. I've read of successes in southern California by defoliating them in November to force dormancy. Just how far south in the southeast have tree peonies been grown and how important is chilling and low humidity?

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Check with Auburn University. They received a large number of tree peonies from a nursery that moved. They are doing research in both tree and herbaceous. I know that the university is in Alabama but perhaps they are aware of plantings near you.

There are tree peonies that grow in the more humid areas of China but they are seldom imported by most northern peony growers because of climate issues.

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Thanks for the advice. I've got some e-mails out and am awaiting replies. Meantime, I've been reading some threads on experiences with peonies for the deep south and am heartened. Is anyone out there have success with tree or herbaceous peonies in north Florida? I'd love to hear from you.

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The bigger question would be "Can you buy such peony root in Florida. If you can buy from local nurseries, then you might trust you can plant such.
Nurseries do not make a habit of stocking plants they cant sell. They surely wouldn't want to guarantee a plant they know wont survive.
And you should put aside any notion to bring a peony in from northern sites---they're just stealing your money.
Always, buy locally grown, locally developed stock.

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Jeannie7 you gave me a good laugh. Most peony growers would be north of Florida. Please don't tell me you have not purchased peonies from Mano or Lindsey. They are in Canada but not in your area. If you haven't you should. Expand your education and ask where your local nursery receives their stock. Most stock is from wholesalers that could be from anywhere in the US or other countries. Many of the seedling stock is now coming from Central America to your local nursery. Wholesalers can import things that your local nursery can not. If your nursery tells you they grow their own ask to see there growing area. Most will be repotted plugs from somewhere not local by any means.

My question is why are the northern sites stealing your money?

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moodie(Jacksonville 9)

I bought my first peonies from a local Walmart. The ones I bought this year come from OH.

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See my latest results from trials on tree peonies in the threads Lilacs and Peonies for Florida in the Southern Gardenin Forum and Tree Peonies in Florida in the Peony Forum. This is only my first year with them planted out in the Garden, and we've had a colder than normal winter but Black Pirate, Taiyo and Rimpoh have floral buds swelling and the plants are leafing out nicely, so far. There's a long summer to go and long time to go to see how they do next year but this year at least they seem to be doing well. Richard

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I was wanting to buy some tree peonies for my son who lives in Tallahassee. I live in Middle Tennessee and at my office have five tree peonies that are simply awing. I wanted to share that experience with him. I have others at home frankly the cheep ones do as well and the expensive but you have to pay for certain colors or types. So is Tallahassee safe?

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