Who is trading what?

beerhog(z7AR)October 18, 2006

Now is the time to speak up. Are we going to get this exchange thing going? I will post in the exchange forum what I can give away.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

I only planted a few tulips this fall. Don't have any where to put anything else.
I still owe you some spring bulbs. I'll drop them off some where next time i go through Paris and let you know where.

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Ok I may not know how to get into the exchange forum. I went to your home page and looked at your trade list and found it empty. I have a few naked lady bulbs. What do you have?

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Mulberryknob - If you're reading this you can't see the link from here. You have to back up to the first page for the Ozarks forum where it lists the message titles. Right above the first post it says "On-Topic Discussions [Switch to Exchanges" and the word exchanges is linked to a separate page just for Ozarks Region trading. You might want to mention in a message if you decide to post there because it's very inactive. But virtually all the imbedded exchange pages on Gardenweb are inactive. Most people use the main Plant Exchange or Seed Exchange forums.
When you first go to Gardenweb Forums where it lists all the different forum topics, you can tell which ones have the imbedded exchange pages by looking next to the forum title. If there's two little arrows in the form of a circle, it has an exchange page. A little camera means there's a separate page for pictures (also not very active).
And - Just in case I explained that very badly, I'll put a link. Some of the posts are pretty old. The newest ones are at the top of course.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ozarks Region Exchange Page

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Thanks, Christie, I'm still learning my way around. Would sure like to see this forum get more active. I haven't been here long, but have made a couple trades and would like to do more. Am also close enough to Fayetteville Ar to attend a plant swap there if another one ever gets organized. Dorothy at MulberryKnob

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