Newbie questions about growing passiflora in South Florida

julieinFL(10a)May 19, 2013

I'm new to growing passion flowers - saw a vine at a nursery and fell in love. One of my first 2 vines has taken off and covered almost 5' of fence in about 2 months. The second died within weeks - planted about 10' away. Both were Lady Margaret. I went back and got 2 additional vines ($10 each - great price, I think) - but the flowers are different - large (maybe 5" in diameter?) and a lavender/light purple color.

I apologize for not having a specific name, but can anyone advise on best light conditions for the vines in general? A friend has one that's in a shady location and is doing superbly, but of my 2 Lady Margarets, only the one in the sunnier spot survived. I'd like to plant on the East side of the house (due East, with lots of morning sun but shady during hot afternoons), but don't want to kill them.

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I have some in hot sun and some in all shade - all are doing well. Lady margaret is a very hardy Passiflora, so I'd dig it up and check the roots - are there worms? Is there root rot? Is it too wet? Is it too dry? Is it root-bound?

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Thanks KayJones - I checked on the roots - no root rot, no worms, and didnt seen to be root bound. I'm not sure about wet/dry. It was watered daily but not saturated. The one in the sunnier spot did just fine with the same conditions, so I'm assuming the watering was done correctly...perhaps it was just not a healthy plant? My mom had the same experience - same nursery (1 lived, 1 died). I've planted my 2 new vines and they seem to be happy for now.

How much should I be watering them?

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Juan, check the soil moisture, either with a water meter or your finger. If it's dry up to your middle knuckle, it probably could use some water.

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