a sorry tale!

sweetwm007(6 b)October 4, 2008

started cleaning out the bluebird houses yesterday and this is the first nest i cleaned out. tragedy here.



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awww poor thing. Don't the mama birds usually carry the dead babies away from the nest? I wonder if it was abandoned.

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I missed this photo earlier.

How sad.

The blasted starlings have now built in the Martin house. So that will be a mess. Do they nest all winter?

We saw a bluebird on the power lines during our walk yesterday afternoon.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

we have bluebirds through the winter.

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The mother was probably killed, leaving the nestlings to starve. That happened to one of my grandfather's nests once. One day while I was visiting, he asked me to check the bluebird house that he watched from his front window as he hadn't seen the mother for a day or two. I found dead babies. He had seen a neigbor's cat eyeing the house and figured it got the mother. Sad.

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