wilting new growth on old passiflora

pescadoraMay 15, 2006

Because of Hurricane Wilma last Fall, I had to severely cut back an old, established profuse blooming passion flower that was in a pot. This Spring I transplanted it into a REALLY LARGE pot, as it was extremely rootbound. It has shown signs of new growth twice - about 3-4 inch vine with tendrils, but after a month or so the new growth just wilts, dries up and dies. The base of the plant is very woody, sturdy and about 8-10 inches long.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?

I have had this plant 4 years and it has always actively sprouted new growth. I did plant some foilage (sweet potato vine)in with it, around the exteme edges, so the pot wouldn't look so barren while waiting for it to spring back to life. Could that be a problem?

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mscratch(z6 S.E. Mo.)

the really large pot could possibly be too large,.. how is the drainage? I probably would take the sweet potato vine out and replace it with annuals for the added fullness.. I am guessing the pot size is probably the culprit. I would repot it and try that first.

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jblaschke(8b TX)

What kind of passiflora is it? I have a hard time believing *any* passiflora would react badly to having more room to grow--they're notorious for wanting lots of space.

Where is the pot situated? Is it getting enough sun? How much are you watering it--too much water makes most passis unhappy.

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Responding to the comments thus far, the drainage is good -
there are stones in the bottom of the pot and drainage holes. The plant is on my lanai - sunny all day. The rainy season has not yet started here (any day now!), so overwatering is not a problem. The plant is located where it always has been and performed wonderfully. I'm wondering if I cut it back too far? It keeps spurting new growth which looks real good for a week or two and then it wilts, dries up and dies. The species, I believe, is edulis.

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Whenever I have had Wilting problems with new shoots I would reduce the amt. of Direct Sun it is receiving; when you furst start to notice the wilting then I would move my plant to where it gets morning sun and late day sun and that has usually alleviated the wilting problem for me. I also lightly Fertilize 1 time a week. Normally I would use a Fertilizer for Root/Leaf Growth and then when they have established good stems I change to a Fertilizer for Flowering. This year I have tried something a little different and it is working really well for me. I Fertilize with a Starter Root/Leaf fertilizer and 2 days later I fertilize with a Fertilizer for Blooming and then I wait 7 - 10 days and repeat. This method seems to be working really well for me. In 3 weeks my Passi Sapphire went from a 6" Stem with 4 Leaves to completely covering a 6ft. Wire Trellis

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