Flowering passiflora citrina and its hybrids

ceasg(Z8b SC)May 24, 2005

Hello, I have two passion vines at the moment: passiflora citrina and passiflora 'Adularia' (saguinolenta x citrina). These species don't seem to be the most popular out there so it's a little difficult to find good growing information on them. They're both growing well at the moment though I'd really love to see them flower.

Are there any specific humidity, potting material, watering, and temperature requirements for citrina (I'm assuming Adularia's care will be very similar). Do they have to be a certain age like other plants? Should I bring them back inside and stick them under a growlight? ;P

Thanks for any help!

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Adularia can bloom while rather small. I've had mine bloom while over wintering in my sun room.

They just need regular ol' soil, warmth, sun and care just like other passionflowers.

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Yadda(8-9 TX)

Citrina will also bloom while quite small. The one I bought was blooming and it was only 18 inches long. My citrina bloomed all winter out doors last year. I only brought it inside for the two or three cold spells we had here in the Houston area. Since we had a cool spring your plants may be delayed but hang in there their time is coming. Patience will reward you with the blooms you seek. Yadda out.

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