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Robert HowardFebruary 13, 2013

Hey guys. Hope everyone is having a good winter. I plan on getting some new trachys for March. Made the mistake last year ordering one from Georgia, online. it came in a box with no pot or even dirt. Of course it went into shock after I planted it. Looking for advice on buying potted trachys. In the Tri state area. Of course I want them on the larger size and potted. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase. Thanks in advance. Robert.

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I saw windmill palms at Maple Leaf Gardens in NJ last summer and the prices were good.

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Check area Home Depot or Lowes. They are supplying lots of windmills, needles, sabal minors, pindos and Mediterranean fan palms. Call around in your region around May. You may need to head over to NJ, closer to the Shore. What you get there will be bigger and in pots.

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Try www.chillypalmtree.com

Comes with soil!

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Robert Howard

Thanks for the responses!! I just got off the phone with chillypalmtrees and ordered 3- 30 gallon trachys. He is going to deliver to me on march 10th. I have to pick them up in jersey. He will not go over the GW bridge. Good luck with the rest of the winter. Hopefully march is mild.

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30 gallons..those are monsters..I don't even want to know what the shipping charges were for that..I thought my 5 gallons cost alot to ship...

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Good move with Chillypalms. He has very good specimens at good prices.

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