peony bushes drooping

rosemg(5)January 31, 2013

I have big, big peonie bushes in my backyard and have a hard time keeping them from drooping over. what is the best way to prune them back or do i just cut away underground? thanks for your help.

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Herbaceous peonies start from new stems every year. Many varieties will have heavy double flowers on weak stems and will need support to keep them from falling over. Many of us use a grid held 15 to 24 inches above the plant, with the stems growing through the grid. Al

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Was at Garden Winter Fair at Kirkwood college. Lady giving talk on staking.She put a chicken wire -spray it green to blend in.Lays on top when few inches high. Grows through and lifts at same time. No other support .And keeps bloom high and dry after rain.

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Koszta_kid, that is the coolest new thing I've heard re/supporting peonies in a long time! I'm gonna try that on some this spring.

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