can peonies be planted too shallow?

lilleyl2005(napa)January 21, 2006

I just planted 2 bareroot peonies, following the diagram on the packet. The diagram showed the root sitting so the top is just barely below the surface. So I popped it in so that it's sitting just barely below the surface, with a bit of redwood bark over it in case it wasn't deep enough.

Did I plant it too shallow? Will the bareroot "settle in" and send down deeper roots? Thanks.

BTW, the root I dug up last week has reddish-brown growths poking up--I guess it's waking up! I hope this one will bloom this year!


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The top of all my peonies roots are exposed to the air. All the buds are in plain veiw. I have about 25 peonies planted like this in the mild winter temperatures of the Napa valley and they all bloom regularly. If you plant too deep they will grow OK but will not bloom. Al

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