wild tomatillos?

macmexJune 21, 2012

I believe it's been two years since I planted tomatillos. At that time, I planted seed from fruit I had brought back from Mexico. And, they flopped. They grew, but they did not produce. Last year I did not plant tomatillos. But as summer advanced I noticed, what I believed to be tomatillo plants, coming up in one area of the garden. I let them grow, and... got no tomatillos. They had husks, but the husks were either empty or had extremely small fruit.

This year I have these plants coming up all over the place. I've been weeding them out, as I purchased tomatillo seed, and feared that they might contaminate the purchased variety, causing it to produce much smaller fruit. But the other day, I did find one I missed and it has some fruit which are getting close to marble size. I'm not sure what I want to do. I have another 14 Verde Puebla (purchased seed) coming up.

Have any of you ever heard of a "wild tomatillo" which produces fruit of negligible size? The Mexican seed I planted, a couple years ago, came from good sized fruit, from the market.


Tahlequah, OK

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


We have wild tomatillos here and all I have seen on them is fruit that gets about marble-sized.

There are lots of Physalis species in Oklahoma.

I've linked the searchable plant database from the OK Biological Survey. It shows several physalis species in Cherokee County, but not Physalis philadephica. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't there, but just that they haven't found it in their surveys. If you enter physalis in the search box at left and your county in the box at the right, then it will pull up a list (in the specimen box on the lower part of the page) of the physalis species whose existence in Cherokee County has been documented.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ok Biological Survey Searchable Plant Database

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Thanks Dawn,

I'm not sure I want to wade through all that, to figure out just which one it is. It does stand much more upright than the Verde Puebla I'm growing. I think I'll leave just one or two, to observe, and pull the rest. They are springing up all over the garden.


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