robellini freeze

norma1418February 18, 2009

I have three robellinis that were badly harmed by our very cold tempertures--I would like to know if I should cut off all the brown fronds or leave them on. If I cut them all off there will not be much left, on the other hand if I leave them on I will now have a BROWN robellini.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Leave the brown leaves on until all danger of frost is past in your area, then cut them off with a clean cutting tool and fertilize gently. There is a theory -- unproven -- that the remaining foliage, though dead, shelters the live parts of the plant from the cold. It can't hurt. How many weeks until all likelihood of frost is past for you?

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We're expecting 32* on Friday!!I can't wait for the warm weather!

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i just purchased 2 robellini palms should i put them in planters or safe to plant in my yard and what care is needed in the winter to protect them from damage

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I would plant them in planters. Robellini palms arent very cold tolerant and many were killed in florida's freeze last winter. They can probably only handle temps in the mid 20s and briefly. If you really want it outside you can protect them, but you will probably have to build a structure over them with a heat source such as lights and hope that it isnt too cold in there or too warm and dry either. When inside all they want is some water and sun. If they are big palms then you might want to plant them in a container bigger than the one given, but not huge because thats a lot of extra weight that would make bringing it in more difficult.
Good luck!

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