Les Jardins Osiris reviews

weeper_11(2b SK)January 20, 2013

I'm wanting to order some ITOH's from this nursery, but I am a little concerned because there are absolutely NO reviews anywhere for it, even though they have apparently been selling for quite some time.

I welcome reviews, good or bad, for their product and service! More the better! I have one positive review from a friend already, but I'd like the confidence that that is the norm and not a stroke of good luck before I lay down hundred dollar bills.

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If you happen to like the species they have on eBay, you might be able to get in contact with them to do a multiple plant purchase outside of eBay. eBay charges a huge proportion of the sales to the seller for listing them so if you find an eBayer with lots of types, you might be able to negotiate a very good deal with them.

For ordering itoh peonies, you can probably call them to ask them how big their plants are, and make sure that they are shipping dormant tubers. Having dormant plants is very important as actively growing plants are easily damaged and set back through shipping.

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I ordered from Le Jardin Osiris 4 years ago...at that time they were offering 2 year old roots for $25.00....I bought 4 of them and 3 bloomed last year for the first time.I was quite suprized at the size of the roots as I thought that for the price they would be smaller. They all came through well and I certainly can recommend the place.I regret not being fast enough to get Garden Treasure from them...it is becomming hard to find...at a reasonable price, that is.I have 8 Itoh hybrids and they are just lovely.The only thing that keeps me from buying more is the fact that we are considering selling and moving to a smaller place and I already have approx.75 herbacious peonies,7 tree peonies the above mentioned Itoh's and a slowly increasing patch of seedlings.....and lets not get into the hostas, daylilies, martagons, etc. etc.

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weeper_11(2b SK)

Thanks for the review! Yes, that is a lot of moving and dividing(I'm assuming you wouldn't leave all that behind!). I'm glad to hear that their plants are good and healthy and not too small. I just can't put down $125+ for the ITOH's, but I think I can manage $65. There are getting to be so many available!

Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I was suprised at there being no reviews for them anywhere.

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