maifleur01January 31, 2010

For those of you that are not on the Yahoo peony groups Rick Rogers of Brothers Tree Peony posted a message there that he was not going to be at the Seattle show this year so he was selling the plants he had planned to sell at the show.

On the list of his tree peonies at the very bottom are seedlings of various peonies. Probably open pollenated but still much cheaper than an older plant. Because Rick grows his tp's in pots his prices are not the cheapest but are of good quality.

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Interesting. The post says 50% off current inventory, but does not say what varieties are in the current inventory.
Would plants survive shipping during cold of winter? Sounds like a good deal.

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You can ask Rick to send later. Email him for an inventory.

What he takes to a show is priced higher than his normal stock so 50% off is a decent price for show items but is only about 25% of list but you are still getting a bargin.

The best bargins are the one's in 15 gallon pots which range from $150 to $500. He also has grafts for sale but like most grafter's selling to the public the prices seem a little high.

He does have according to the list I was sent 5 2 gallon plants of a Galen Burrell's Harmony.

For those that are wondering I do not get any discount or special price from Rick other than what other PNW Society members receive.

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