Where is everyone?

beerhog(z7AR)October 13, 2010

Going to start talking to myself here. I know I have not started a thread in awhile but lets get this thing on fire. After all, winter is coming and what else are we going to do?

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Hi, Beerhog, I was thinking about you the other day. (I think) Weren't you the one who posted some lovely pics of Mt. Magazine a couple years ago? Haven't been down there in several years and was thinking of going this year but not sure it would be worth the trip if the foliage won't be pretty. You live fairly close don't you? What does it look like so far?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am going to N. Arkansas tomorrow - craft fairs. I will be looking for metal yard ornaments. I don't have much to say but getting this thing on fire sounds good to me.

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Yes I live close to Mt. Magazine. Was up there about a week ago and it was still green.

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I'm always here. I usually talk too much. Maybe if I'm quiet, it will bring you lurkers out. : )
I have to sign in again occasionally. I suspect some people forget their passwords and haven't taken the time to click on the link that says "forget your password?". If you try to log in, it's next to the password box in green. Gardenweb will send your password to you in an email. That way you don't have to register again.
Now - There's no excuse you lurkers. We miss you. How are we going to make it through the winter if the Ozarks forum is quiet.

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I am still here but hate to be the only poster.....it looks like I don't have enough to do if I am always online!

Helen, I will be thinking of you on that trip to Eureka Springs. The last time we went, I never opened my eyes and told DH just to keep on driving and get me out of that place...I wouldn't even let him stop. I literally made me sick to my stomach. I don't do mountains well....read that not at all! I guess I am just a wimp.

Nothing exciting here. Still weeding and doing some fall house cleaning. My sis is headed down from Iowa and that always brings on a burst of cleaning and cooking! You would think with just the two of us, I would keep things spotless all the time..........but I don't.

We finally got a 1/2 inch rain that should help my row of garlic. I haven't planted any lettuce or spinach but may still try some next week. I did get the cherry tree pruned and some elm saplings cut down in the kitchen garden.

I have been canning applesauce and will soon try mincemeat again. If any of you have a good old-time recipe for it, I would love to have it to add to my collection. I do a little of this recipe and that to make mine.

We have had 2 or 3 light frosts but it didn't kill anything but nipped the sweet potatoes so I dug them quickly.

We are starting to get some nice fall color on sumac and another small tree that I can't identify that is growing in roadside ditches. It gets a beautiful red shade.

Dogwoods in full sun are a glorious burgundy now. Mine gets so much shade, it doesn't get much color.

OK, let's try to keep this going this winter.


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ladycraft(6b MO)

I've been more quiet. I use to get on here at 5am daily at work and we had some mgt. turnover and I was responsible for awhile. Now we have a new mgr so will have more free time. I assumed that everyone was busy outside.

Helen hope you have fun at the craft fairs. Since I'm got to work today and plan on going to Pigeon Forge area next week I decided to pass but it is really working on me. I hate the idea that I'm missing out. I rarely buy things but love to look.

Have grandchildren tonight. Have to replant my daffodils and some new bulbs so will have them help me with that tomorrow.

I've got most of my beds cleaned. Had a drainage problem but think I got it solved too. Hauled more rock so hope it doesn't end up in the grass and neighbors yard again.

Trying to keep seeds picked for trade or more plants next year.

Weather is beautiful want to spend all the time I can outside. I don't know why people star at the TV for hours. Nor do I like it when all the plants die off during the winter. I wish I could bring them all inside. I guess that makes us appreciate them more when we do have them.


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I'm here too! :-) It's Helen's fault that I haven't been posting. Remember the little chat about her ponds? I got totally excited about making a pond. For better or worse, I read everything I could find about making ponds. In the end, I'm working on a 14' x 8' pond that's 3' deep at the deep end. A friend with a backhoe brought me a 1000 pound rock for water to spill over. I built a bog/veggie filter 8' x 3' x 3' deep up at the rock (waterfall) level. Soooooo... I made a skimmer out of a utility sink. The pump is in the skimmer. I put in a bottom vaccuum (one of those Tetra things on sale for $26). It goes to the skimmer too. Water goes into the skimmer, up to the filter, over the rock back into the pond. I know it's the wrong time of year but I got excited and carried away.

Remember the giant purple sprouting broccoli? It was over 5 feet tall and never made broccoli. It got so tall it laid over on its' side. The vegetation just turned and points up. It still hasn't produced broccoli but looks like it's ready. About time! It's been almost a year since I planted it.

I thought my Gigandes beans I grew from seeds from Greece were toast. Since they're runners, they all came back and are loaded with HUGE beans. I just hope they make it before frosts kill them. Everything is growing like crazy right now. I FINALLY have carrots, beets, pole beans, and even the zucchini I didn't have this summer.

I panted shallots last week and got some of the garlic in today. I love the giant Inchelium red garlic. It does really well here for me. It keeps beautifully too. I highly recommend it.

I can't finish my hoop house before frost because it's full of flourishing plants that should have finished up in August. The fall Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Kale are doing great now that the bugs are mostly tucked in for the year. Cilantro is volunteering all over the garden paths. I couldn't get any of it to grow this summer.

I must say, this past summer was the worst gardening season I've ever experienced! I've been gardening now (dare I admit) for more than 50 years... It's a good thing age is only a state of mind. (Tell that to my aching body first thing in the morning!)

Christie and Glenda, you absolutely don't talk too much! In no way does it suggest you don't keep really busy. That thought never entered my mind! I enjoy everything everyone writes. I thought maybe I am too long winded!

The weather is too dry but absolutely gorgeous. We haven't had a frost yet but I expect one soon. I see it's going to drop to the high 30's by the end of this coming week here in Mountain Home.

Off to finish canning green beans. Isn't that absurd? It's totally the wrong time of year for this!

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I decided not to do the sprouting purple broccoli when someone told me how long it takes to produce.

My pole beans are still going great guns too. I think everything likes this cooler weather and we have been getting little rain showers along too. When I tilled part of the garden a week or so ago, the soil was nice and moist.

Tavy, now we have to have pictures of the huge pond! I gave up on that idea too. I thought the maintenance would just be another lot of work for me. I am getting lazy in my old age and trying to streamline things here.

Cilantro is definitely a cool weather crop. I wish mine had set seed but if it did don't see any seedlings so I bought seed the other day. I planted (late, I know) lettuce and spinach, but see zero germination so far. The plan is to cover it with a single cattle panel hoop-house.

The garlic is about 6 inches tall.

Still need to clean off the Kitchen Garden.......but I will get it done.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Are you wearing your long underwear? I am looking at old clothes to find something that can be turned into a dog sweater. Honey will probably take it off, but I am going to try. If you guys don't start posting, I will be forced to order more stuff on Amazon or clean my house Ug!

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We put a coat on our littlest dog when we let them out but when it's this cold, they stay inside most of the day. brrr

Stupid me had to stop and get gas last night and the wind was bitter. I got back in my car while the tank was filling. I don't care what the sign says. lol I think they need to recalculate the wind chill. It seemed even colder than they said.

We put out birdseed yesterday and our new kitty pounced on a bird, or tried to anyway. The window stopped him. He was inside and the bird was on the feeder right outside the window. hehehe

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I stop by each day but no one seems to be posting....so I don't either!

I am not getting outside much in this cold unless I need to milk or run to the milk parlor to get something.

I made some strawberry jam for the grands for Christmas yesterday. I made me remember that the strawberries are gone...will have to replant this spring. I want to do a long single row down the length of the new garden. I am tired of straddling plants in beds.

We are feeding the birds now too. I had to raise the feeder when I saw one of the many cats lurking under just waiting............I don't think they can reach it now.

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