In Pot... or in the Garden

joycekhMay 9, 2009

I purchased a Blue Passion Flower today to climb up one post of my gazeabo, and after reading some of these posts, I am unsure of whether to plant it right in the ground, or keep it in the pot, and put the pot in the ground. Someone mentioned they like to be contained to flower. Also, since we are zone 5, could it be dug up in the fall and taken inside????

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Do you know if it's a caerulea? If so it's a hardy variety but I don't know about hardy enough for zone 5. I'd sink the pot and dig it up in the fall. You can let it go dormant in a cold but above freezing room. I say above freezing because it's in a container. They can withstand below freezing temps inground where the roots are more insulated. You can also keep it growing inside but you'll need a grow light and keep an eye out for bugs. I always have problems with mites, scale and mealy bugs on my plants that need winter protection whether they are inside or in the greenhouse.

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My friend had a cutting or passionflower given to them and was planted Z5 next to a white panelled wall and grew to 5 ft high and five wide and was covered with many many blooms. Dug up and overwintered in greenhouse and many cuttings made which all started this last winter. Now many of us are growing passionflowers in zone 5.

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