Inexpensive peony roots?

jxa44January 16, 2007


I don't have a lot of money to garden with, and I live deep in the heart of deer country. I have found that the deer will not eat peonies. So I would like to lots and lots of them. but the price of peony roots are a bit costly. Is there such a thing as a source for inepensive peonies?

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Costco sells peony roots 4 or 5 to the box for about $10. You will need to pot them up for the first year and do not expect bloom for the first two years.It just takes longer and your choices will be very limited, such is the life of the poor gardener. Al

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Hi Al!

I haven't heard from you in years! Glad to know you're still around on the web -- I was the person who was moving to Santa Cruz some years ago (about 5), and we used to correspond back then. Then we lost track of each other.

Thanx for the peony tip. I'll check out my local costco when they start getting their boxed/bagged plants.

Hope you're doing well -- happy gardening.


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Start watching the stores now. Not only big stores like costco but your local hardware store. The Ace hardware affiliates will start having peonies in bags and boxes sometime in January, here in Missouri. Other areas generally have them a week or so early. If you can see the eyes pick the healthest but if not if all containers labeled the same pick the heaviest container. Not a quarantee but heavier roots are generally less dehydrated.

Another way is organize a plant swap or join a club that has one. You may have something that someone has been looking for and will be glad to swap several roots for one of your plant. Or vs. versa.

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Thank you maifleur. All very good suggestions. I'll go check out the exchange forum now :-)

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