P. Incarnata Growth Rate

xdxdaustinMay 2, 2013

I recently purchased two Passiflora Incarnatas from SpringHill nursery in 3" pots. I know when they arrive they'll be pitiful little things. I've heard of their pervasive and prolific growth but I've had one before and it just kind of stalled out and died on me. I will be planting these in an exceptionally sunny location (my south side. I would be willing to say that it says a full zone warmer there as the stone side walk and dark mulch collects heat and makes the temperature easily 5-10 degrees warmer than what the thermometer says) so I can't quite anticipate any issues and I will be getting it just in time for labor day. Are there any tips I should know to promote growth in this guy? I know the CT summers are quite capable between the humidity and high temps so I know that this plant will have a great growing environment. Is there any initial pruning I should do? I know when I get this vine it will be one solitary fledgeling stem.

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It's a weed - leave it to mother nature and it will grow and spread. I don't know what zone you are growing it in, but it's hardy from zone 5b up. It emerges in June, so don't think it's dead just because it doesn't come up when your other vines/plants do. No need to prune it - it is a self-care perennial plant.

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