Tree peonies are already starting to sprout 2013

stevelau1911January 21, 2013

It was very warm with highs getting up to 69F on one day last week, but this week is probably going to be the coldest week of the year in the single digits.

The problem is that some of my tree peony seeds are starting to sprout outside so the only thing I can do is hope that there is enough lake effect snow to keep them insulated as it gets down into the single digits for the next 3 nights.

These guys sprout so easily with a little bit of warmth so I hope they can survive. Here's a picture.

This looks pretty impressive going into its 1st year, but hopefully it is hardy enough to survive until it is safe to sprout.

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I started herbaceous peony bed 2 years ago. The way I found this forum was mine too began sprouting this early & I wanted to know what to do. Turned out the answer was do nothing they'll be fine, and they were. Pic is last spring, this one started sprouting earliest & it's first spring.
Hope the same is true of tree peonies.

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