black beetles and white aphids

sammy zone 7 TulsaJune 7, 2014

Now my red and black beetles seem to be replaced by small all black beetles. They are getting on my phlox plants, and just a few on my roses.

I still do not have pictures, but they seem to also want in the house. I hate spray, but have started squirting them with Insecticidal soap. I cannot be positive that it is working, but I think it is. They are so heavy on my phlox that sometimes the leaves look black. I cannot tell if there is damage, but the phlox are new, and young.

Our neighbors have a tree that sends branches into our dogs' yard. It is a maple tree, and the beetles are probably headed for the tree. We have cut some large branches we can reach, and they are loaded with little white aphids. I am afraid that the ugly ladybugs (orange and black) are going to be attracted to them.

It seems like nobody else has my bugs.

Each day I think about setting up my computer, and then look at the work still undone in the garden. The rain yesterday was a blessing for me. I was able to pull out so many weeds because they were loosened by the water.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa


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