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cuanb22(10/ sunset 19)February 6, 2010

Hi everyone, I just bought 6 bare root peony plants from HD and I planted them last weekend, but now that I'm reading a little about them I see that bone meal is a necessity....did I just ruin my chance of my plants not growing properly?

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Bonemeal is not necessary. In fact many gardeners have stopped using it because of diseases that it may carry. When they start growing just use a balance fertilizer and you will be fine.

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If your address is San Fernando Valley, California, you are on the edge of the peony growing area. We usually figure that about 400 hours of winter chilling is the minimum needed for herbaceous peonies to bloom. Even then they need to planted so shallowly that the buds for next years growth are subject to air temperature not soil temperature. If you call your county extension service office they will be able to tell you the average yearly chilling hours for where you live. Al

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