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lilyred(Tropical Asia)May 23, 2005

Hi friends, I'm new to passiflora. I write from tropical Singapore and I would like to grow passifloras for the fruits.

I've done some reading and know at least that both the purple and yellow versions of edulis are being commercially produced. But for home-growing purposes, what are the other good tasting fruits you would recommend?

Please recommend those that will self-pollinate and or at least those that I can hand-pollinate with the same flower. For eg, edulis flavicarpa I've read doesn't self pollinate nor does hand-pollinating (with the same flower) work. And recommend a good online seed retailer too please.

Will have more to ask later I'm sure. Thanks.


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plummy(9b nor-cal)

I would go with either p. edulis or p. molisima(sp?) In SF ,CA they are fruiting like crasy. Both are very yummy and easy to grow, but can be invasive, I have a rooted cutting of my edulis that if some chance I could ship it there we could trade. I also have lots of seeds of my edulis. For p. edulis and molisima the bees and insects will polinate for you. Also P. alata has good fruit but need to be polinated with other flowers. P. ligularis has fruit but I don't know much about those. I will post some sites with seed when i remeber there names.


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lilyred(Tropical Asia)

Thank you, Thomas.

I live in a high-rise apartment, 4th storey, and I grow them in my balcony. Natural pollinators are hard to come by but I can hand-pollinate, so I'm looking for species that can pollinate using its own pollens.

About your edulis cutting, we could do a trade if I can find something you like, but I would think shipping a plant half-way across the world even if feasible/viable would be quite exhorbitant, I'm sure.

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plummy(9b nor-cal)

I would be interested in trading I could take some more cuttings alswell. What types of plants do you have? Also look into other passifloras so many of them fruit. NO matter what you should get some of my seed. I think people should trade more, spreat the great fruit of the earth. The vine will grow very fasti got a 3 foot tall seedling and in 3 years i get 100 fruit a year.

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lilyred(Tropical Asia)

Hi Thomas,

I don't grow much since I only have a little balcony for my garden. But if you like tropical plants, even if I don't have them, I can surely get them for you. Only thing, I have never sent plants overseas, but I think putting seeds into envelopes should be straight forward enough though.

Perhaps you could explain how you people ship small seedlings/plants through the postal services.

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plummy(9b nor-cal)

sorry Lily,

I kno no much about shiping plants.I do not ship many plants but for an idea I will have a link of what tomatoes growers do to send their plants. I would think that what they do would work I will give a link to a tread on that. I would like to know what type of fruits are in your area. If you can send seeds instead of plant that would be easier.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to ship

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lilyred(Tropical Asia)

That's a very good thread on how to ship plants. But, no, that's way too much trouble for me.

We could trade seeds certainly. I would work out a list and then I'll send you an email instead.

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