Can someone tell me about Red Magic?

Nancy zone 6February 1, 2006

Lowes' has just gotten in their spring bulbs. They have a Red Magic peony, 2 respectable size roots in a pk for $10. Wish I remembered the name of the company on the tag, but all I can remember is that it started with A, & sounded sort of French "maybe" :) Avignon sticks in my head, but they had lilies & that was probably one of those. I should have been concentrating on the company rather than the name of the peony probably. Anyway, I am not familiar with this, is it a good plant? I have Felix, and if it is very similar I might pass. I'm sure the price is good for the quality of the root, & I probably will go for it anyway, knowing up front that it might not even be what is packaged as. Just looking for info :)


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Red Magic is the same variety as Adolphe Rousseau. A cunning Dutch perennial trade company introduced the name Red Magic as it supposively and indeed sells better in UK and USA markets than the French name. A similar situation is applicable to Karl Rosenfield and Louis van Houtte. The latter sold better on the French market, and the first of course did better in Germany. Considering the historical delicate tension between the two countries it is not that strange that these two varieties deliberately were mixed up for the sake of profit...
Ruud Warmerdam
Warmerdam Paeonia
The Netherlands

Here is a link that might be useful: Peony information and catalogue of quality peonies

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Nancy zone 6

I really appreciate the info, I was just looking at Adolphe Rousseau & debating on it. Good to know I don't have to. I usually buy what I can find available locally because they are so cheap. So far I have been lucky & received what the packages stated. Thanks for the background on those two, I like to be able to tell my friends things like this when I show my garden.

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