I wish I had the room for Gauguin!

iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)February 9, 2007

Perhaps I will get lucky and something will die or something. It took me for ever to kill Festiva Maxima.

Does any one have Gauguin and how do you like it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Gauguin

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I'm sure Gauguin has it's virtues, but if I were you I'd get another festiva. It's my all time favorite peony, although rockii is a close second.

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That picture does not do it justice. However like a lot of this type of bloom each flower will be slightly different.
Daphnis has many wonderful plants to his credit. Although I think I prefer Bill Siedl's tp's but you can only import from Austrialia for now.

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I know Gauguin is a lutea hybrid but I can find no mention of scent in the descriptions. I guess an artist like Daphnis would primarily be interested in color. Does Gauguin have any detectable fragrance?

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I still have two Festiva Maximas. Hey that is an idea!

I moved and divided an old clump and the tubers that I missed just kept coming and coming.

One of the things that interested me in Gauguin was the changing color aspect. Fragrance would be a plus! Thanks for your imput!

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Gauguin has a very light fragrance which is nice because the blooms are definately a stick your nose in type. If you can purchase one this spring cheap buy it but in the meantime check out your local display gardens and parks. Many now have added tree peonies to their collections and Gauguin is one many have added to their collections. With the garden shows starting you may find blooming plants in the displays.

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