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hoyess(z5 ON Can)February 6, 2006

I planted 5 peonies last fall (Karl Rosenfield) from 1 gallon pots. Unfortunately this bed is now going to be changed so I have to move them. I know they prefer to be moved in the fall but will have to move them this spring. Any recommendations on how to do this and will I get blooms this year anyway? I assume the earlier the better?


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Nancy zone 6

I think if you can keep the clump as intact as you can, you will be as likely to see blooms this spring as you would have if not moving. Before they start any growth is the best time. I have planted bare root in the spring & gotten some weak blooms, sounds like your roots "should" be mature enough to bloom & with some luck, moving won't delay that.

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Due to sad circumstances, I had to move my peonies last Spring while they were in bud, after just moving them there the previous Fall. Here's the advice a professional gardening friend gave me:

Soak the peonies; dig big root ball - packing the dirt toward the plant center with shovel as you dig. Put into large pot or burlap. Replant as soon as possible. Put compost into the new hole. (prep the new area as early as possible with compost) She also recommended shading the plants during midday for awhile after the transplant.

I moved 3 budding peonies at the end of May, and the two older plants came to full bloom in June!! It perked me right up!

And, yes, the earlier you can move them, the better.

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