Afraid of Peony

nyboyFebruary 22, 2013

Hi I was told that if peony where not planted at perfect depth they would never flower. That always made me stay away from them. last night a big box store had 6 peony roots for $12, at $2 a plant I said lets try. Should I plant now in pots inside or wait and plant right in garden? How deep should bare root peony be planted? Any tips? Thank you

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I usually find that whenever I plant them too deep, they will eventually find themselves back to the right depth, but if you want them to flower fast, just plant them right at ground level so those red buds are slightly poking out of the soil.

Many times, peonies don't flower because it is either too shady or the soil is too poor. If you happen to have bad soil, I would suggest mixing in some manure, or other organic materials, and especially something like azomite or volcanic rock dust which can ensure that the micro-nutrients are in there.

I would suggest getting them now, and then plant them in the ground given that your soil is not frozen. All kinds of peonies are very cold hardy.

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Can I ask you which big box store is offering the peonies and whether they are named?

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Home depote not named just says mixed for that price I couldn't pass it up!! Thanks

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I usually buy a box from costco every year. They are always labeled, and usually two different ones per box of 3 or 4 plants. Of course they are mini, some more mini than others. I always pot them up for the first year, so I have better control. Next fall, or early winter here, I will plant them in the garden. They will be well rooted in one gallon pots then, and always do well in the garden. Al

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