First Gardening Catalog!

gldno1November 17, 2010

This must set a new record. Pinetree has beat all others!

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I got Pinetree and Stokes on the same day. I was surprised to get them so early. Pinetree is much less expensive. I'm trying not to look at Stokes.
Someone mentioned in another forum that Swallowtail Garden Seeds has free shipping so I've been looking at those too (online). You have to spend $30 to get the free shipping though and that's quite a bit to get from one catalog. I could wrap them and put them under the tree I guess. lol

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Guerney's was first for me about a week ago. Don't need much as I am trying to live on a retirement budget and only buy what I know will get used unlike years in the past when I bought too much and planted too little.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

They are timing it right. I have been in the mood to order for next season. I ordered morning glories from Park and e-bay and non gardening stuff from Amazon. It is too easy with it getting dark so early to get on-line and order stuff especially from Amazon. They already have my information and I get pulled in there because they have a rating system that I use to research products before I buy. Sometimes I don't buy because of the rating system.

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I got Pinetree yesterday. First of the mainstream catalogs, tho I got Naylor Creek hosta list about a month ago, and Country Gardens & Gifts (hosta catalog)two weeks ago. I think they are getting earlier every year, they used to not come until December, when I would put them away until after Christmas.

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I may not order anything at all this year....which would be a first for me.

I will need sweet corn seed and maybe popcorn.

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Glenda! You know you'll regret that. lol
Tradewinds Fruit is offering free shipping for orders over $7.50 and they have lots of vegetable and flower seeds as well as fruit seeds. Looks like most packets are 1.75 to 2.00 which is more reasonable than most. I haven't ordered from them before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tradewinds Fruit Vegetable seeds

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I got Totally Tomatoes and Vermont Bean Seed Company today.
Glenda - I meant to ask you what kind of corn you're going to get. Do you usually order it or buy it locally?

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I usually buy it at Hummert's. In the past I have grown Bodacious and really liked it; may do it again next year. I haven't decided yet.

We like the really sweet ones.

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