mislabeled passionflowers

chills71(Zone 6b Mi)May 7, 2008

I was at a nearby nursery tonight as they were unloading new arrivals and they had a dozen or so passionflowers labeled "incarnata", but they were not incarnata (at least to my opinion).

The nectaries were not at the base of the leaves, in fact the nectaries were on little 1mm stalks off of the stem about halfway between the main stem and the leaf.

No flowers were noticed, nor were buds observed. The leaves were primarily 5 lobed, though some of the plants also had 3 lobed leaves as well as 5 lobed.

Any ideas?


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icebear(z5b southern Maine)

its been a while since i had any passionflowers, but if i remember right, incarnata have a very wide range of leaf shapes, they can have a number of different shaped leaves on the same vine.

but like i said, its been a long time, i'm surprised my account still exists- its been 5 years since i have been here.

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passionlove(z 9 FL)

Yes probably either a P.Incense or Inspiration.



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