Dividing and Replanting Peonies

steveinjersey(7)February 26, 2012


I'm planning to divide some peonies this fall. I see some sites recommend NOT replanting in the same space, but they don't say why. My intention is to get more plants from what I already have. I like the location where the plants are, and want to continue the plants in those spots, and put the increase in other locations.

Is this idea of not re-planting in the same spot just an old wives tale? Is there some real reason not to do so?



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I often will remove a section of a peony and leave the rest of the plant. The center of the plant is mostly old growth, not doing much. The outer edges is the new vibrant growing part and easy to just cut off a section to start new plants. I do not find digging up the whole necessary. Al

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hmacflower(Z4 Ont.)

I see no reason not to plant in the same spot if your peonies are healthy. They say that to prevent spread of disease..the same reason we're advised to dip our clippers in bleach solution between plants, and putting cuttings in trash, not compost.
I've divided & replanted with good results.
Good luck

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