Passion Fruit!

silybum(Sunset 16/z8b)May 26, 2005

I'm so excited. The Passion Flowers I planted on May 13th are so happy! The Edulus Black Knight has been blooming since I planted it, and today the Edulus Fredrick had its first bloom.

I was going to try out a little of that hand pollinatin thing, but when I went to look at the Black Knight, I noticed it was already setting fruit! I didn't know this would be so easy. So I left well enough alone, and hopefully the Fredrick will set some fruit as well.

I wonder if all the nasturtiums that are blooming so profusely nearly by helped attrack bees to do the work?

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plummy(9b nor-cal)

I was very glad too to see little fruit on mine. Last year I had literaly about 100 fruit on my vine but this year snails ate lots of the flowers and some fell of in the rain. I think I had fruit in June last year and there weren't anymore in October. Hopefuly I will still have a good crop. Oh and about the pollination you willbe surprised i was looking and I saw ants pollinating my vine. Hope ya get good fruit :)

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silybum(Sunset 16/z8b)


When is it ready to harvest? Any signs I should look for? I never actually had a passion fruit before.

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plummy(9b nor-cal)

They are ready to harvest when purple some times I let them get a bit rinkly. I don't know why but you're suposed to.

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