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eristal(9)June 14, 2009

I just received my first order of a couple of Passifloras from Butterfly World. I must say, for the listing to be for "seedling plants", they were astounding. They are both in 3 inch planters with full root zones. One has almost 3 feet of growth, and the other has much less length but has more apical growth and actually TWO plants! WOOHOO! I'm jazzed.

Granted, their selection is extremely limited, but it is quite diverse.

Just thought I would let my fellow Passiflora freaks of the world know, in case anyone has been thinking about it, but hasn't made the plunge.

Happy Gardening!

Eric Wortman

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Butterfly World's selection on site is much more extensive then their online catalog and the plants on site are even bigger and less expensive. You should see their gardens. It's just gorgeous. I was last there in late Feb and would have bought plants and shipped them ahead but temps at home were well below freezing and I was afraid to mail them, even with heat packs. BTW the Passiflora Society International holds meetings there.

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I went to their website (I think!), but could not find where to purchase their plants - can someone post a link, or even better, email it to me? Thanks!

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ethane(9 FL)

Just go to the gift shop.

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Thanks for posting this. It is really hard to find passion flower seeds and plants in Illinois. This looks like a good source!

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Another excellent passie nursery is Grassy Knolls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grassy Knolls

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